Our History

Science has given us so many things that made our life sunny, rosy and easy. But till now we have to produce our blood own. So many people die for blood related diseases. Kalna Thalassemia Organization was established on the 10th May 2003, with the help of patients guardians and well wishers of initial 16 patients. For the sake of blood donation and better treatment of helpless patients. We are being arranging awareness programs each and every years. Either in school, college or mela. Each year we used to distribute clothes at durga puja, which is supposed to be the best and greatest festival of Bengalis.

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Our Pathological Unit "Seva"

We have also introduced a pathological center on 10th December 2011, where blood, urine, stool, ECG are being examined at hospital charges, which is known as “Seva Pathological Center” under the supervision of eminent pathologists.

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